Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stocks and skirts

Apropos of Avedon's post below. If hemlines rise or fall with stock prices, now might be a good time to sell. Stocks are high. Hemlines are low. In Edinburgh last night I was at the Book Festival launch party and waiting for a bus afterwards, at a busy corner. In the whole evening I saw two miniskirts, an endless swirl of mid-calf, several ankle-length numbers, and the first maxi I've seen since the early 70s. A maxi isn't just a long skirt: it's like a short or medium skirt with the downward lines extended. It uses darts rather than gathers, often because it's made of heavy material. Its pattern is usually big and simple. This one had six-inch squares made by criss-crossing diagonal lines. To me it shouts of slump.

But most styles recall the hot summers of 76 and 77. White frills, tiers, lace and eyelet are seen far more often on the street than in bridal shop windows. It'll be curious to see if there's a later wave of this flutter and clutter in bridal. For now, good taste prevails: corset tops and satin sweeps.

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