Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The Gernsback Collection

I can see that you are getting bored here Ken. About time somebody else posted.

Now me, I'm not a great expert on fashion or the history of costumes, but I do like a good posh frock. And given how we know each other, how about we start at the Hugos, which is where folks we know are most likely to be seen in something stunning. I've been keeping track of Hugo fashion for a few years now and here are a few highlights from the photos section of my web site.

In 2000 I wasn't really up to scratch, just a posh skirt. You can see it here, along with Freddie Baer in a magnificent patchwork something.

2001 was much better, but I was totally upstaged by Kathryn Kramer.

2002 was a little crazy due to my being Neil Gaiman's minder for the evening. I did manage to get a photo of my dress, but the style prizes when to Mary Anne Mohanraj and Sue Mason for turning up in saris.

I had to push the boat out in 2003 due to being a nominee. The little red number seemed to go down very well, but once again I got totally outclassed. Feorag NicBhride was just stunning.

Now the interesting thing about this is that I got all three of my dresses in half price sales at shops in the Queen Victoria Market in Sydney (I'm lucky enough to get a business trip to Australia once a year or so). And Feorag bought her dress from a mail order company in Sydney. Paris? Milan? Who cares? Sydney is where it is at.

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