Friday, November 21, 2003


I made my own wedding dress - no surprise there - but if I hadn't, I doubt I would've bought anything from Simple Elegance. The designs are mostly neither simple nor elegant, and they seem to have a thing for triangualr panels of cutwork embroidery and Dynasty-style sleeves. As an added extra, you can choose to add rhinestones. The most useful page is that of Hoop Slips & Crinolines which contains a pair of surprisingly economical means of keeping that skirt nice and full.

And seeing as the matter has been raised by Cheryl, my Hugo corset came from Gallery Serpentine. As well as some wonderful corsetry, they do a line of 'Victorian ' skirts, based on the styles fashionable in the 1880s. The PVC and lace version is remarkably elegant. The full petticoat I wore was bought in Toronto, at a shop on W. Queen Street, but the dress itself was all my fault, using surprisingly cheap fabric from a local shop which specialises in Asian stuff. A sari in 'the stuff that looks like circuit boards' - now there's an idea.

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